Reblogging myself:

To my new followers: 

I still get new followers to this tumblr (flomp.tumblr.com), and I just wanted to let you all know that I do not use this tumblr, my new tumblr is : thegirlwiththemostcake.tumblr.com. I’m thinking that it was probably that blog you wanted to follow, because that’s the only one I’ve used the last year(s). So if you still want to follow me, please follow that one instead, and you can unfollow this :)

I don’t know how to delete this (my first tumblr) without deleting my other tumblr (It’s on the same account). It’s very annoying, because when I push like on something it comes up as “flomp likes this”, instead of “thegirlwiththemostcake likes this”, and I always have to remember to change my reblogs from “post to my blog” to “post to thegirlwiththemostcake”.

If anyone knows hos to delete this tumblr without deleting my other then please tell me :)

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